Our Mission

If you are not amongst the 35% of millennials that have already cut the cord and stopped subscribing to cable TV, then you may remember the good old days, when the whole family gathered around the fireplace called TV. But unlike 1990 when we had only 3 TV networks to choose from, we are nowadays bombarded with 3.000 messages every day coming from all media channels. In fact, we are now producing as much content every 48 hours as we did from the beginning of time till 2003. This is insane and we are already seeing a massively changed behavior on how we consume media today.

We are flooded with endless waves of content coming from all channels, like e-mails, push notifications, Whatsapp messages, Slack, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and we have all intuitively adapted to cope with this new reality. Here are just a few “survival plans” that we have applied to prevent ourselves from digital drowning:

  • Our attention span has decreased to 8 seconds
  • If a website doesn`t load within 3 seconds, we lose 50% of visitors
  • 55% of web users spend less than 15 seconds actively on a website
  • people tune out of a Youtube video if it doesn`t catch their attention within first 3 seconds
  • We decide within 1,7 seconds whether we engage with a post on social media
  • We unlock our smartphone on average 55 times a day and take 253 views

In addition to the massive amount of content that we consume every day, our lifestyle is evermore “on the move”. Around 75% of the business today is mobile and customers engage with your products and services while they are in a variety of everyday settings: waiting for a bus, checking the latest stuff between two meetings, having a beer with friends or watching the big match in a sportsbar.In order to hook the attention of your audience in such frantic settings, we believe that it is not the time for Shakespeare novels. Gone are the times where customers scrolled through long statistics pages in order to form their betting decisions and it is increasingly overwhelming to throw a fully blown sportsbook offering with 20+ sports, 200+ bet types and over 40.000 concurrent betting opportunities at your customers.

betfindr offers guidance in that content jungle. We use data and artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of matches, cut the noise and present only the hottest betting trends in an easy to consume snack format. In times, where short bursts of interaction are paramount, we act as the speed-daters of storytelling and deliver valuable insights that spark engagement with your customers. Remember attention spans? Our mission is to find your next bet in less time than it takes to peel a banana! We understand that the art of storytelling today is to captivate readers attention with short but valuable stories. The more relevant and intense the stories are, the more likely readers will become aware of your brand and engage with your content.

Our Executives

Michael Proch
Managing Director & Founder
Andreas Meyer
Head of Product and Sales

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